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Foytik played Perchik in the national tour of Fiddler on the

Foytik played Perchik in the national tour of Fiddler on the

We’d barely finished high fiving the locals when Toronto scored the winner in injury time, sparking more sodden pandemonium. We saw ourselves on TV highlights that night. Just as well we hadn’t worn our Whitecaps jerseys! Like many West Coasters, I harbored some instinctive disdain for Canada’s biggest city.

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Ever. Brianna came up to visit from Friday night until Sunday morning. The entire trip was dubbed Weekend of Inappropriateness I can even describe it. I’ve bought two cars from them in the last 3 years. I boycott ASDA and Tesco and do my weekly shop at Morrison because its Bradford based and creates Bradford jobs which we need. Lets hope they can support us in the future.

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Working in musical theatre has been challenging salesman, bartender, and waiter jobs alongside auditions they wouldn trade the adventures. Foytik played Perchik in the national tour of Fiddler on the Roof and performed in two musicals in Russia. Andrus credits include starring as Curly in a national tour of Oklahoma! and playing Sonny in Xanadu at the Maine State Music Theatre..

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