WAVE Exam Schedule in August 2011

WAVE Exam Schedule in August 2011

Dear Channel Partners,

 This is in reference to the WAVE Exam schedule

 Following exam events related to WAVE have been scheduled in the month of August 2011:

 1.      WAVE Final Examination : (ERA4)

 Batch: May 2011

Scheduled date: 27th August 2011 to 31th Aug, 2011


 2.      WAVE Final 2nd Re-Examination : (ERA4)

 Batch: March 2011

Scheduled date: 27th Aug. 2011 to 31th Aug, 2011

 Exam Enabling Steps in ERA4:

  1. Ensure that all 8 ERA SU updates are installed on the ERA4 server
  2. Go to ERA 4 Data Traveler Click on Download New Assessment
  3. Download the assessment for desired WAVE Courses for which the learners are present.
  4. Go to ERA 4 Learning Facilitator login Click on enable Midterm Exam and download the settings.
  5. Download Lerner data again from the link ‘Download Learner Data for Other courses’
  6. Go to learner login and give Final Examination

 Please forward this mail to all the centers under your jurisdiction. No extension please.



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