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The 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World

A day after theWorld Health Organization published a report linking air pollution to lung cancer, Quartz has put together a list of the most polluted cities in the world, based on data from the same organization. While the list originally came out this Spring,
cards againt humanity?, it an important reminder given the recent health news.

At the top? The city of Ahwaz,
cards with humanity, in Western Iran. With a population of more than three million, it is also the capital of the Khuzestan Province, which produces most of Iran oil. Like the other cities in the WHO top ten, it is a center of heavy industry.

Please note that the most polluted city in the world, Ahwaz , is an occupied city in Southwestern Iran. The pollution is intentional with the Iranian regime trying to destroy the water and the natural environment. There is no reason for Ahwaz to be the number one polluted city in the world with it’s 3 million population. I understand that it’s an industrial city , but has this not rang a bell in your mind, that this may be a strategy of the Iranian regime to destroy a complete race of people? place factories in the middle of the city , and causing people cancer is one way to destroy the cities and cultures you occupy. I beg and plead that people do more research on Ahwaz and understand that it has been occupied by Iran since 1925, and Iran has been constantly coming up with ways to destroy its natural environment and the aboriginal people of Ahwaz

cards against humanity sale, or they are not reflected here. Conclusions based on just numbers and orders without noticing the source of these polutants (dust particles) will go nowhere. As far as I know the source of the dusts that exists in the west and southwest of Iran,
cards against humanity in store?, is not industrial activities. These dusts come from Iraq deserts with seasonal winds. All four mentioned cities are located in west to southwest of iran. none of them are industrial cities. There are just some gas refineries around Ahwaz, and we know that sort of industry do not exhaust particles into atmosphere. It is true that polution control is not done properly in Iran, but the particles in western areas have different story.

This is a such an ill researched survey, Peshawar and Quetta are capitals of their state/province and the best cities in the province, there are other cities more polluted in Pakistan, and India is filled with polluted cities all over, even Bangladesh and other cities in the World.

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